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3 & 4 August

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Festival opening hours

Friday the 3th of August: 15:30 – 03:00
Saturday the 4th of August: 14:30 – 03:00 
The campsite opens on Friday at 13:00 and closes on Sunday at 11:00


16 years is the minimum age, on the day you visit the festival. There are no exceptions, even if you turn 16 years the day after or if you are accompanied by your parents. This is strictly controlled at the entrance!


Tickets will not be refunded or exchanged. Not even in a modified program. Liquor is prohibited under 18 years. Spirits> 22 ° are not permitted. The following items are prohibited on the festival grounds: animals, own food and drinks, aerosol sprays, drugs, glass, cans, plastic bottles, sharp items and any other item that could be considered dangerous by the organization. Fake weapons are also prohibited. On entering the festival or campsite you can be searched legally. In case of refusal you will be denied access to the premises.

When visitors are caught with drugs or weapons, the police will be notified. They will make a report and the penalty must be paid immediately. Acces will be denied for the festival and campsite during the whole weekend.

Flyers and posters

On and around the festival grounds (including campsite and public roads) it is strictly forbidden to distribute flyers or other promotional material. For other events we provide billboards and there is the possibility to print the flyer in the program booklet. Please contact us for this via the contact form below.

Pictures and video recordings

Visitors of Dance D-Vision can be photographed or filmed on or around the festival area.