Camping at #DDV2022

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For years our camping is the place to be to recover after a day of dancing and fun at Dance D-Vision festival. Our beautiful campsite is located within walking distance to the festival.

Address: Sportstadion Jules Matthijs (Kastanjelaan 85 - 9620 Zottegem)

All you need to know!

You can only enter the camping if you have a valid festival ticket

We provide quality campsite services like: hot showers, (more than enough) toilets, phone charging points, a safe BBQ area, quality food stands, lockers and professional campsite staff to provide assistance and safety during the weekend.

ZERO TOLERANCE regarding drugs

Need help?

We love to help you!

Meet our lovely helpers at the info point. Ready to serve and help you during your stay at the camping all weekend.

What you need to know for camping at Dance D-Vision
The camping opens on Friday 5 August 2022 at 17:00h and closes on Monday 8 August at 10:00h.

Camping Check-in:
Friday 5 August 2022: 17:00h - 23:00h

Camping Checkout:
Monday 8 August till 10:00h

Camping Facilities
Our camping, in cooporation with FestiCamp, offers everything to make your stay as comfortable as possible!

Info Point: ready to serve and help you during your stay at the camping.
Toilets: free use and will be cleaned on a regular basis. Please do not pee or ... outside the toilet area.
Showers: get fresh and fruity! We offer you free showering. The shower area will be cleaned on a regular basis.
BBQ Area: a safe and cosy area where you can prepare and enjoy your meal to the fullest.
First Aid: do not hesitate to ask them for help when it's needed.

Camping Rules
The organization of Dance D-Vision has set up a few camping rules to guarantee your and others safety during your stay at the camping. People who violate these rules will be asked to leave the camping and might also be excluded to the festival.

1. You will receive your Dance D-Vision Camping bracelet at the entrance of the camping (Sportstadion Jules Matthijs: Kastanjelaan 85 - 9620 Zottegem.
Note: it will only be possible to receive your bracelet if you have a valid ticket and ID-card.

2. No cooker or gas utilities bigger than 500g are allowed at the camping.
Note: The organization will provide a BBQ zone: please do not barbecue near your own tent for your own safety!

3. It is allowed to bring your own food and drinks to the camping but there's a limit of 6 canned alcoholic drinks (max. 50cl each) and 6 cans or bottles (plastic) of water/soda/energy drink (max. 50cl each) per person. You're only allowed to consume your own food and drinks at the camping and not on the festival grounds. You can only enter once with the limited amount of drinks or food. Alcoholic liquors are not allowed.
Glass packaging is prohibited!

4. Camp space is limited. You can bring a tent as big as you want, but you have to make sure that the surface of the tent is used for the number of people who fit in the tent. If you bring a tent for 5 people, you will have to sleep in it with 5 people. Otherwise, the campsite will be too small.

5. Breakfast options are available at the camping.

6. Toilet units are available at the camping and they will be free.